Mapdl.resvec(key='', **kwargs)#

Calculates or includes residual vectors.



Residual vector key:

OFF - Do not calculate or include residual vectors. This option is the default.

ON - Calculate or include residual vectors.


In a modal analysis, the RESVEC command calculates residual vectors. In a mode-superposition transient dynamic, mode-superposition harmonic, PSD or spectrum analysis, the command includes residual vectors.

In a component mode synthesis (CMS) generation pass, the RESVEC command calculates one residual vector which is included in the normal modes basis used in the transformation matrix. It is supported for the three available CMS methods. RESVEC,ON can only be specified in the first load step of a generation pass and is ignored if issued at another load step.

If rigid-body modes exist, pseudo-constraints are required for the calculation. Issue the D,,,SUPPORT command to specify only the minimum number of pseudo-constraints necessary to prevent rigid-body motion.

For more information about residual vector formulation, see Residual Vector Method in the Mechanical APDL Theory Reference.