Mapdl.rsopt(opt='', filename='', ext='', dir_='', **kwargs)#

Creates or loads the radiosity mapping data file for SURF251 or SURF252

APDL Command: RSOPT element types.


File option:

SAVE - Write the radiosity mapping data to a file. (Default)

LOAD - Read in the specified mapping data file.


File name for radiosity mapping data file. Defaults to Jobname.


Filename extension for radiosity mapping data file (default = .rsm).


Directory path for radiosity mapping data file. If you do not specify a directory path, it will default to your working directory.


Use this command to manually create or load a radiosity mapping data file. This command is useful if you want to create the mapping data file without issuing SAVE or CDWRITE, or if you want to specify that the file be located in a directory other than your working directory. Also use this command to manually load an existing mapping data file during a restart.

Distributed ANSYS Restriction: This command is not supported in Distributed ANSYS.