Mapdl.rstoff(lab='', offset='', **kwargs)#

Offsets node or element IDs in the FE geometry record.



The offset type:

NODE - Offset the node IDs.

ELEM - Offset the element IDs.


A positive integer value specifying the offset value to apply. The value must be greater than the number of nodes or elements in the existing superelement results file.


The RSTOFF command offsets node or element IDs in the FE geometry record saved in the .rst results file. Use the command when expanding superelements in a bottom-up substructuring analysis (where each superelement is generated individually in a generation pass, and all superelements are assembled together in the use pass).

With appropriate offsets, you can write results files with unique node or element IDs and thus display the entire model even if the original superelements have overlapping element or node ID sets. (Such results files are incompatible with the .db database file saved at the generation pass.)

The offset that you specify is based on the original superelement node or element numbering, rather than on any offset specified via a SESYMM or SETRAN command. When issuing an RSTOFF command, avoid specifying an offset that creates conflicting node or element numbers for a superelement generated via a SESYMM or SETRAN command.

If you issue the command to set non-zero offsets for node or element IDs, you must bring the geometry into the database via the SET command so that ANSYS can display the results. You must specify appropriate offsets to avoid overlapping node or element IDs with other superelement results files.

The command is valid only in the first load step of a superelement expansion pass.