Mapdl.seexp(sename='', usefil='', imagky='', expopt='', **kwargs)#

Specifies options for the substructure expansion pass.



The name (case-sensitive) of the superelement matrix file created by the substructure generation pass (Sename.SUB). Defaults to the initial jobname File. If a number, it is the element number of the superelement as used in the use pass.


The name of the file containing the superelement degree-of-freedom (DOF) solution created by the substructure use pass (Usefil.DSUB).


Key to specify use of the imaginary component of the DOF solution. Applicable only if the use pass is a harmonic (ANTYPE,HARMIC) analysis:

OFF - Use real component of DOF solution (default).

ON - Use imaginary component of DOF solution.


Key to specify whether the superelement (ANTYPE,SUBSTR) expansion pass (EXPASS,ON) should transform the geometry:

OFF - Do not transform node or element locations (default).

ON - Transform node or element locations in the FE geometry record of the .rst

results file.


Specifies options for the expansion pass of the substructure analysis (ANTYPE,SUBSTR). If used in SOLUTION, this command is valid only within the first load step.

If you specify geometry transformation (Expopt = ON), you must retrieve the transformation matrix (if it exists) from the specified .SUB file. The command updates the nodal X, Y, and Z coordinates to represent the transformed node locations. The Expopt option is useful when you want to expand superelements created from other superelements (via SETRAN or SESYMM commands). For more information, see Superelement Expansion in Transformed Locations and Plotting or Printing Mode Shapes.

This command is also valid in /PREP7.