Mapdl.sfa(area='', lkey='', lab='', value='', value2='', **kwargs)#

Specifies surface loads on the selected areas.

APDL Command: SFA


Area to which surface load applies. If ALL, apply load to all selected areas [ASEL]. A component may be substituted for Area.


Load key associated with surface load (defaults to 1). Load keys (1,2,3, etc.) are listed under “Surface Loads” in the input data table for each element type in the Element Reference. LKEY is ignored if the area is the face of a volume region meshed with volume elements.


Valid surface load label. Load labels are listed under “Surface Loads” in the input table for each area type in the Element Reference.


Surface load value or table name reference for specifying tabular boundary conditions.


Second surface load value (if any).


Surface loads may be transferred from areas to elements with the SFTRAN or SBCTRAN commands. See the SFGRAD command for an alternate tapered load capability.

Tabular boundary conditions (VALUE = %tabname% and/or VALUE2 = %tabname%) are available for the following surface load labels (Lab) only: : PRES (real and/or imaginary components), CONV (film coefficient and/or bulk temperature) or HFLUX, and RAD (surface emissivity and ambient temperature). Use the *DIM command to define a table.

This command is also valid in PREP7.


Select areas with coordinates in the range 0.4 < Y < 1.0

>>> mapdl.asel('S', 'LOC', 'Y', 0.4, 1.0)

Set pressure to 250e3 on all areas.

>>> mapdl.sfa('ALL', '', 'PRES', 250e3)