Mapdl.spval(tblno='', curvno='', sv1='', sv2='', sv3='', sv4='', sv5='', sv6='', sv7='', **kwargs)#

Defines multi-point response spectrum values.



Input table number. It corresponds to TBLNO on the SPFREQ command.


Input curve number. It corresponds to CURVNO on the SPDAMP command (optional).

sv1, sv2, sv3, , , … , sv7

Spectral values corresponding to the frequency points (SPFREQ) and damping ratio (SPDAMP). Values are interpreted as defined with the SPUNIT command.


Defines multi-point response spectrum values to be associated with the previously defined frequency points (SPFREQ). It can also be associated with the previously defined damping value (SPDAMP). If CURVNO is not specified, the input spectrum is not associated with a damping value.

Repeat SPVAL command for additional values, up to the number of frequency points (SPFREQ). Values are added after the last nonzero value.

The interpolation method between response spectrum points and curves is specified using KeyInterp on the SPUNIT command. It is logarithmic by default.

Use the SPTOPT and STAT commands to list current spectrum curve values.

This command is also valid in PREP7.