Mapdl.timint(key='', lab='', **kwargs)#

Turns on transient effects.



Transient effects key:

OFF - No transient effects (static or steady-state).

ON - Include transient (mass or inertia) effects.


Degree of freedom label:

ALL - Apply this key to all appropriate labels (default).

STRUC - Apply this key to structural DOFs.

THERM - Apply this key to thermal DOFs.

ELECT - Apply this key to electric DOFs.

MAG - Apply this key to magnetic DOFs.

FLUID - Apply this key to fluid DOFs.

DIFFU - Apply this key to concentration of DOFs.


Indicates whether this load step in a full transient analysis should use time integration, that is, whether it includes transient effects (e.g. structural inertia, thermal capacitance) or whether it is a static (steady-state) load step for the indicated DOFs. Transient initial conditions are introduced at the load step having Key = ON. Initial conditions are then determined from the previous two substeps. Zero initial velocity and acceleration are assumed if no previous substeps exist. See the Structural Analysis Guide, the Thermal Analysis Guide, and the Low-Frequency Electromagnetic Analysis Guide for details.

This command is also valid in PREP7.