Mapdl.upcoord(factor='', key='', **kwargs)#

Modifies the coordinates of the active set of nodes, based on the

APDL Command: UPCOORD current displacements.


Scale factor for displacements being added to nodal coordinates. If FACTOR = 1.0, the full displacement value will be added to each node, 0.5, half the displacement value will be added, etc. If FACTOR = -1, the full displacement value will be subtracted from each node, etc.


Key for zeroing displacements in the database:

OFF - Do not zero the displacements (default).

ON - Zero the displacements.


The UPCOORD command uses displacements stored in the ANSYS database, and not those contained within the results file, Jobname.RST. Nodal coordinates are updated each time the command is issued. After updating, both the nodal displacements and rotations are set to zero if Key = ON.

For structural solutions with an updated mesh, unless the coefficient matrix is otherwise reformed (e.g., a new analysis or NLGEOM,ON) it should first be reformed by issuing a KUSE,-1 command.

UPCOORD should not be issued between load steps in structural analysis.

For a multiphysics simulation where a CFD or electromagnetic field is being coupled to a structure undergoing large displacements, all (or a portion) of the surrounding field mesh may take part in the structural solution to “move” with the displacing structure. You can use the UPCOORD command with a suitable FACTOR to update the coordinates of the nodes using the newly computed displacements. The mesh will now conform with the displaced structure for subsequent field solutions. However, the mesh should always be restored to its original location by using an UPCOORD,FACTOR command before performing any subsequent structural solutions. This is true for both repeated linear solutions, and for nonlinear restarts. (All saved displacements are relative to the original mesh location.)

This command is not intended to replace either the large displacement or birth and death logic.

This command is also valid in PREP7.