Dynamic options#

These SOLUTION commands are used to define options for dynamic analyses.


Defines the mass matrix multiplier for damping.


Defines the stiffness matrix multiplier for damping.


Sets a constant modal damping ratio.


Sets a constant structural damping coefficient.


Turns on automatic scaling of the entire mass matrix and frequency

Mapdl.harfrq([freqb, freqe, logopt, ...])

Defines the frequency range in a harmonic analysis.


Specifies the phase angle for the harmonic analysis expansion pass.

Mapdl.hrocean([type_, nphase])

Perform the harmonic ocean wave procedure (HOWP).

Mapdl.hropt([method, maxmode, minmode, ...])

Specifies harmonic analysis options.

Mapdl.hrout([reimky, clust, mcont])

Specifies the harmonic analysis output options.

Mapdl.lvscale([fact, ldstep])

Scales the load vector for mode-superposition analyses.


Activates scaling of the entire system matrix.

Mapdl.mdamp([stloc, v1, v2, v3, v4, v5, v6])

Defines the damping ratios as a function of mode.

Mapdl.mdplot([function, dmpname, scale])

Plots frequency-dependent modal damping coefficients calculated by

Mapdl.midtol([key, tolerb, resfq])

Sets midstep residual criterion values for structural transient

Mapdl.modcont([mlskey, enforcedkey])

Specify additional modal analysis options.

Mapdl.modseloption([dir1, dir2, dir3, dir4, ...])


Mapdl.modopt([method, nmode, freqb, freqe, ...])

Specifies modal analysis options.

Mapdl.mxpand([nmode, freqb, freqe, elcalc, ...])

Specifies the number of modes to expand and write for a modal or

Mapdl.qrdopt([reusekey, symmeth, cmccoutkey])

Specifies additional QRDAMP modal analysis options.

Mapdl.rigid([dof1, dof2, dof3, dof4, dof5, dof6])

Specifies known rigid body modes (if any) of the model.

Mapdl.subopt([option, value1])

Specifies Subspace (SUBSP) eigensolver options.

Mapdl.timint([key, lab])

Turns on transient effects.

Mapdl.tintp([gamma, alpha, delta, theta, ...])

Defines transient integration parameters.

Mapdl.trnopt([method, maxmode, minmode, ...])

Specifies transient analysis options.