FE body loads#

These SOLUTION commands are used to define body loads on the finite element model.

Mapdl.bf([node, lab, val1, val2, val3, ...])

Defines a nodal body force load.

Mapdl.bfcum([lab, oper, fact, tbase])

Specifies that nodal body force loads are to be accumulated.

Mapdl.bfdele([node, lab])

Deletes nodal body force loads.

Mapdl.bfe([elem, lab, stloc, val1, val2, ...])

Defines an element body force load.

Mapdl.bfecum([lab, oper, fact, tbase])

Specifies whether to ignore subsequent element body force loads.

Mapdl.bfedele([elem, lab])

Deletes element body force loads.

Mapdl.bfelist([elem, lab])

Lists the element body force loads.

Mapdl.bfescal([lab, fact, tbase])

Scales element body force loads.

Mapdl.bflist([node, lab])

Lists the body force loads on nodes.

Mapdl.bfscale([lab, fact, tbase])

Scales body force loads at nodes.

Mapdl.bfunif([lab, value])

Assigns a uniform body force load to all nodes.

Mapdl.ldread([lab, lstep, sbstep, time, ...])

Reads results from the results file and applies them as loads.

Mapdl.rimport([source, type_, loc, lstep, ...])

Imports initial stresses from an explicit dynamics run into ANSYS.


Assigns a uniform temperature to all nodes.