FE surface loads#

These SOLUTION commands are used to define surface loads on the finite element model.

Mapdl.sf([nlist, lab, value, value2])

Specifies surface loads on nodes.

Mapdl.sfbeam([elem, lkey, lab, vali, valj, ...])

Specifies surface loads on beam and pipe elements.

Mapdl.sfcum([lab, oper, fact, fact2])

Specifies that surface loads are to be accumulated.

Mapdl.sfdele([nlist, lab])

Deletes surface loads.

Mapdl.sfe([elem, lkey, lab, kval, val1, ...])

Specifies surface loads on elements.

Mapdl.sfedele([elem, lkey, lab])

Deletes surface loads from elements.

Mapdl.sfelist([elem, lab])

Lists the surface loads for elements.

Mapdl.sffun([lab, par, par2])

Specifies a varying surface load.

Mapdl.sfgrad([lab, slkcn, sldir, slzer, slope])

Specifies a gradient (slope) for surface loads.

Mapdl.sflist([node, lab])

Lists surface loads.

Mapdl.sfscale([lab, fact, fact2])

Scales surface loads on elements.