Miscellaneous loads#

These SOLUTION commands are for miscellaneous load definition and control.

Mapdl.anpres([nfram, delay, ncycl, refframe])

Produces an animated sequence of the time-harmonic pressure variation

Mapdl.aport([portnum, label, kcn, pres, ...])

Specifies input data for plane wave and acoustic duct ports.

Mapdl.asifile([opt, fname, ext, oper, kdim, ...])

Writes or reads one-way acoustic-structural coupling data.

Mapdl.awave([wavenum, wavetype, opt1, opt2, ...])

Specifies input data for an acoustic incident wave.


Calculates the Biot-Savart source magnetic field intensity.

Mapdl.dfswave([kcn, radius, psdref, dens, ...])

Specifies the incident planar waves with random phases for a diffuse

Mapdl.fluread([fname, ext, kdim, kout, ...])

Reads one-way Fluent-to-Mechanical APDL coupling data via a .cgns file

Mapdl.ic([node, lab, value, value2, nend, ninc])

Specifies initial conditions at nodes.


Deletes initial conditions at nodes.

Mapdl.iclist([node1, node2, ninc, lab])

Lists the initial conditions.

Mapdl.icrotate([node, omega, x1, y1, z1, ...])

Specifies initial velocity at nodes as a sum of rotation about an axis and translation.


Defines the revolutions per minute (RPM) for a machine rotation.

Mapdl.outpr([item, freq, cname])

Controls the solution printout.

Mapdl.outres([item, freq, cname, nsvar, dsubres])

Controls the solution data written to the database.

Mapdl.rescontrol([action, ldstep, ...])

Controls file writing for multiframe restarts.


Lists solid model boundary conditions.


Transfers solid model loads and boundary conditions to the FE model.


Creates weak springs on corner nodes of a bounding box of the currently