Solid constraints#

These SOLUTION commands are used to define constraints on the solid model.

Mapdl.da([area, lab, value1, value2])

Defines degree-of-freedom constraints on areas.

Mapdl.dadele([area, lab])

Deletes degree-of-freedom constraints on an area.


Lists the DOF constraints on an area.[kpoi, lab, value, value2, kexpnd, ...])

Defines DOF constraints at keypoints.

Mapdl.dkdele([kpoi, lab])

Deletes DOF constraints at a keypoint.


Lists the DOF constraints at keypoints.

Mapdl.dl([line, area, lab, value1, value2])

Defines DOF constraints on lines.

Mapdl.dldele([line, lab])

Deletes DOF constraints on a line.


Lists DOF constraints on a line.


Transfers solid model DOF constraints to the finite element model.