Mapdl.ftype(filetype='', prestype='', **kwargs)[source]#

Specifies the file type and pressure type for the subsequent import of

APDL Command: FTYPE source points and pressures.


Type of file from which the pressure data will be retrieved (no default):

CFXTBR - File from a CFX Transient Blade Row (TBR) analysis export.

CFDPOST - File from a CFD-Post BC Profile export.

FORMATTED - Formatted file.

CSV - Comma-Separated Values file.


Type of pressure data contained in the file:

0 - Only real-valued pressures are on the file.

1 - Real-valued and imaginary-valued pressures are on the file (default).


CFX Transient Blade Row files (FileType = CFXTBR) are obtained from the Export Results Tab in CFX-Pre, with [Export Surface Name]: Option set to Harmonic Forced Response.

CFD-Post files (FileType = CFDPOST) are obtained from the Export action in CFD-Post with Type set to BC Profile.

Formatted files (FileType = FORMATTED) contain the coordinates and pressure data in fixed-format columns in the order x, y, z, pressure. You may have other columns of data in the file which can be skipped over in the Format specifier on the READ command, but the data must be in that order.

Comma-separated values files (FileType = CSV) contain the coordinates and pressure data in comma-separated fields. The data can be in any order, and other fields of data may also be present.