KrylovSolver.expand(residual_computation=False, residual_algorithm=None, compute_solution_vectors=True, return_solution=False)[source]#

Expand the reduced solution back to FE space.

This method expands the reduced solution for a harmonic analysis back to the original space. Optional calculation of the residual is available.

residual_computationbool, optional

Compute the residual of the expanded solution. Default to False.

residual_algorithmstr, optional

Specifies the type of residual normal calculation. It can take the following values: * “L-inf”: Compute the L-inf norm of the residual. Default value. * “L-1”: Compute the L-1 norm of the residual. * “L-2”: Compute the L-2 norm of the residual.

compute_solution_vectorsbool, optional

If True it compute the solution vectors. The solution vectors are stored in Krylov.solution_vectors method. Defaults to True.

return_solutionbool, optional

If True it will return the solution vectors. By default is False.


Solution vectors mapped to a given order. (if return_solution = True)


If return_solution = False


Distributed Ansys restriction: This command is not supported in Distributed Ansys.