Parameter definition#

These APDL commands are used to define parameters and their values.


Specifies units for angular functions in parameter expressions.

Mapdl.dim([par, type_, imax, jmax, kmax, ...])

Defines an array parameter and its dimensions.

Mapdl.inquire([strarray, func, arg1, arg2])

Returns system information.

Mapdl.parres([lab, fname, ext])

Reads parameters from a file.

Mapdl.parsav([lab, fname, ext])

Writes parameters to a file.

Mapdl.starset([par, value, val2, val3, ...])

Assigns values to user-named parameters.

Mapdl.taxis([parmloc, naxis, val1, val2, ...])

Defines table index numbers.

Mapdl.tread([par, fname, ext, nskip])

Reads data from an external file into a table array parameter.

Mapdl.vfill([parr, func, con1, con2, con3, ...])

Fills an array parameter.

Mapdl.starvget([parr, entity, entnum, ...])

Retrieves values and stores them into an array parameter.

Mapdl.vread([parr, fname, ext, label, n1, ...])

Reads data and produces an array parameter vector or matrix.