Constraint equations#

These PREP7 commands are used to define, modify, list, etc., constraint equations.

Mapdl.ce([neqn, const, node1, lab1, c1, ...])

Defines a constraint equation relating degrees of freedom.

Mapdl.cecyc([lowname, highname, nsector, ...])

Generates the constraint equations for a cyclic symmetry analysis

Mapdl.cedele([neqn1, neqn2, ninc, nsel])

Deletes constraint equations.

Mapdl.ceintf([toler, dof1, dof2, dof3, ...])

Generates constraint equations at an interface.

Mapdl.celist([neqn1, neqn2, ninc, option])

Lists the constraint equations.

Mapdl.cerig([maste, slave, ldof, ldof2, ...])

Defines a rigid region.

Mapdl.cesgen([itime, inc, nset1, nset2, ninc])

Generates a set of constraint equations from existing sets.

Mapdl.rbe3([master, dof, slaves, wtfact])

Distributes the force/moment applied at the master node to a set of