These GRAPHICS commands are used to add helpful labels and symbols to displays.

Mapdl.cformat([nfirst, nlast])

Controls the graphical display of alphanumeric character strings for

Mapdl.clabel([wn, key])

Specifies contour labeling.

Mapdl.contour([wn, ncont, vmin, vinc, vmax])

Specifies the uniform contour values on stress displays.

Mapdl.cval([wn, v1, v2, v3, v4, v5, v6, v7, v8])

Specifies nonuniform contour values on stress displays.

Mapdl.gformat([ftype, nwidth, dsignf])

Specifies the format for the graphical display of numbers.

Mapdl.hbc([wn, key])

Determines how boundary condition symbols are displayed in a display


Specifies whether numbers, colors, or both are used for displays.

Mapdl.pbc([item, key, min_, max_, abs_])

Shows boundary condition (BC) symbols and values on displays.

Mapdl.pbf([item, key])

Shows magnitude of body force loads on displays.

Mapdl.plopts([label, key])

Controls graphics options on subsequent displays.

Mapdl.pnum([label, key])

Controls entity numbering/coloring on plots.

Mapdl.psf([item, comp, key, kshell, color])

Shows surface load symbols on model displays.

Mapdl.psymb([label, key])

Shows various symbols on displays.


Shows the global XYZ coordinate triad on displays.

Mapdl.udoc([wind, cl_ass, key])

Determines position and content for the multi-legend options.