FE forces#

These SOLUTION commands are used to define nodal loads on the finite element model.

Mapdl.f([node, lab, value, value2, nend, ninc])

Specifies force loads at nodes.

Mapdl.fcum([oper, rfact, ifact])

Specifies that force loads are to be accumulated.

Mapdl.fdele([node, lab, nend, ninc, lkey])

Deletes force loads on nodes.

Mapdl.fj([elem, label, value])

Specify forces or moments on the components of the relative motion of a

Mapdl.fjdele([elem, lab])

Deletes forces (or moments) on the components of the relative motion of


Lists forces and moments applied on joint elements.

Mapdl.flist([node1, node2, ninc])

Lists force loads on the nodes.

Mapdl.fscale([rfact, ifact])

Scales force load values in the database.

Mapdl.fssect([rho, nev, nlod, kbr])

Calculates and stores total linearized stress components.