These PREP7 commands are used to create, modify, list, etc., lines.

Mapdl.bsplin([p1, p2, p3, p4, p5, p6, xv1, ...])

Generate a single line from a spline fit to a series of keypoints.[pcent, rad, paxis, pzero, ...])

Generate circular arc lines.

Mapdl.l([p1, p2, ndiv, space, xv1, yv1, ...])

Define a line between two keypoints.

Mapdl.l2ang([nl1, nl2, ang1, ang2, phit1, phit2])

Generates a line at an angle with two existing lines.

Mapdl.l2tan([nl1, nl2])

Generates a line tangent to two lines.

Mapdl.lang([nl1, p3, ang, phit, locat])

Generate a straight line at an angle with a line.

Mapdl.larc([p1, p2, pc, rad])

Define a circular arc.

Mapdl.larea([p1, p2, narea])

Generate the shortest line between two keypoints on an area.

Mapdl.lcomb([nl1, nl2, keep])

Combines adjacent lines into one line.

Mapdl.ldele([nl1, nl2, ninc, kswp])

Deletes unmeshed lines.

Mapdl.ldiv([nl1, ratio, pdiv, ndiv, keep])

Divides a single line into two or more lines.

Mapdl.ldrag([nk1, nk2, nk3, nk4, nk5, nk6, ...])

Generates lines by sweeping a keypoint pattern along path.

Mapdl.lextnd([nl1, nk1, dist, keep])

Extends a line at one end by using its slope.

Mapdl.lfillt([nl1, nl2, rad, pcent])

Generate a fillet line between two intersecting lines.

Mapdl.lgen([itime, nl1, nl2, ninc, dx, dy, ...])

Generates additional lines from a pattern of lines.

Mapdl.llist([nl1, nl2, ninc, lab])

Lists the defined lines.

Mapdl.lreverse([lnum, noeflip])

Reverses the normal of a line, regardless of its connectivity or mesh

Mapdl.lrotat([nk1, nk2, nk3, nk4, nk5, nk6, ...])

Generates circular lines by rotating a keypoint pattern about an axis.

Mapdl.lsscale([nl1, nl2, ninc, rx, ry, rz, ...])

Generates a scaled set of lines from a pattern of lines.

Mapdl.lstr([p1, p2])

Define a straight line irrespective of the active coordinate system.


Calculates and prints geometry statistics of the selected lines.

Mapdl.lsymm([ncomp, nl1, nl2, ninc, kinc, ...])

Generates lines from a line pattern by symmetry reflection.

Mapdl.ltan([nl1, p3, xv3, yv3, zv3])

Generate a line at the end of, and tangent to, an existing line.

Mapdl.ltran([kcnto, nl1, nl2, ninc, kinc, ...])

Transfers a pattern of lines to another coordinate system.

Mapdl.spline([p1, p2, p3, p4, p5, p6, xv1, ...])

Generate a segmented spline through a series of keypoints.

Mapdl.ssln([fact, size])

Selects and displays small lines in the model.