These GRAPHICS commands are used for general graphics control, such as window setup, color settings, specifications saving, etc.

Mapdl.color([lab, clab, n1, n2, ninc])

Specifies the color mapping for various items.

Mapdl.device([label, key])

Controls graphics device options.


Activates a display coordinate system for geometry listings and plots.

Mapdl.dv3d([lab, key])

Sets 3-D device option modes.

Mapdl.gcmd([wn, lab1, lab2, lab3, lab4, ...])

Controls the type of element or graph display used for the GPLOT

Mapdl.gcolumn([curve, string])

Allows the user to apply a label to a specified curve.


Specifies the pixel resolution on Z-buffered graphics files.


Controls general plotting.[key])

Defines the type of graphics display.

Mapdl.gresume([fname, ext])

Sets graphics settings to the settings on a file.

Mapdl.gsave([fname, ext])

Saves graphics settings to a file for later use.

Mapdl.gtype([wn, label, key])

Controls the entities that the GPLOT command displays.

Mapdl.image([label, fname, ext])

Allows graphics data to be captured and saved.

Mapdl.jpeg([kywrd, opt])

Provides JPEG file export for ANSYS displays.

Mapdl.mrep([name, arg1, arg2, arg3, arg4, ...])

Enables you to reissue the graphics command macro "name" during a


Automatically generates hard copies for HP UNIX work stations.

Mapdl.pngr([kywrd, opt, val])

Provides PNG file export for ANSYS displays.

Mapdl.pscr([kywrd, key])

Specifies various PostScript options.


Displays the global or window display specifications.


Automatically reissues the last display command for convenience.


Resets display specifications to their initial defaults.

Mapdl.seg([label, aviname, delay])

Allows graphics data to be stored in the local terminal memory.[fname, option, vect, ncpl])

Specifies the device and other parameters for graphics displays.

Mapdl.tiff([kywrd, opt])

Provides TIFF file Export for ANSYS Displays.

Mapdl.window([wn, xmin, xmax, ymin, ymax, ncopy])

Defines the window size on the screen.