These POST1 commands are used to put data into the database for postprocessing.

Mapdl.append([lstep, sbstep, fact, kimg, ...])

Reads data from the results file and appends it to the database.

Mapdl.desol([elem, node, item, comp, v1, ...])

Defines or modifies solution results at a node of an element.

Mapdl.dnsol([node, item, comp, v1, v2, v3, ...])

Defines or modifies solution results at a node.

Mapdl.hrcplx([loadstep, substep, omegat, ...])

Computes and stores in the database the time-harmonic solution at a

Mapdl.rescombine([numfiles, fname, ext, ...])

Reads results from local results files into the database after a

Mapdl.subset([lstep, sbstep, fact, kimg, ...])

Reads results for the selected portions of the model.

Mapdl.set([lstep, sbstep, fact, kimg, time, ...])

Defines the data set to be read from the results file.