These PREP7 commands are used to perform Boolean operations on solid model entities.

Mapdl.aadd([na1, na2, na3, na4, na5, na6, ...])

Adds separate areas to create a single area.

Mapdl.aglue([na1, na2, na3, na4, na5, na6, ...])

Generates new areas by "gluing" areas.

Mapdl.aina([na1, na2, na3, na4, na5, na6, ...])

Finds the intersection of areas.

Mapdl.ainp([na1, na2, na3, na4, na5, na6, ...])

Finds the pairwise intersection of areas.

Mapdl.ainv([na, nv])

Finds the intersection of an area with a volume.

Mapdl.aovlap([na1, na2, na3, na4, na5, na6, ...])

Overlaps areas.

Mapdl.aptn([na1, na2, na3, na4, na5, na6, ...])

Partitions areas.

Mapdl.asba([na1, na2, sepo, keep1, keep2])

Subtracts areas from areas.

Mapdl.asbl([na, nl, keepa, keepl])

Subtracts lines from areas.

Mapdl.asbv([na, nv, sepo, keepa, keepv])

Subtracts volumes from areas.

Mapdl.asbw([na, sepo, keep])

Subtracts the intersection of the working plane from areas (divides

Mapdl.boptn([lab, value])

Specifies Boolean operation options.


Specifies the Boolean operation tolerances.

Mapdl.lcsl([nl1, nl2, nl3, nl4, nl5, nl6, ...])

Divides intersecting lines at their point(s) of intersection.

Mapdl.lglue([nl1, nl2, nl3, nl4, nl5, nl6, ...])

Generates new lines by "gluing" lines.

Mapdl.lina([nl, na])

Finds the intersection of a line with an area.

Mapdl.linl([nl1, nl2, nl3, nl4, nl5, nl6, ...])

Finds the common intersection of lines.

Mapdl.linp([nl1, nl2, nl3, nl4, nl5, nl6, ...])

Finds the pairwise intersection of lines.

Mapdl.linv([nl, nv])

Finds the intersection of a line with a volume.

Mapdl.lovlap([nl1, nl2, nl3, nl4, nl5, nl6, ...])

Overlaps lines.

Mapdl.lptn([nl1, nl2, nl3, nl4, nl5, nl6, ...])

Partitions lines.

Mapdl.lsba([nl, na, sepo, keepl, keepa])

Subtracts areas from lines.

Mapdl.lsbl([nl1, nl2, sepo, keep1, keep2])

Subtracts lines from lines.

Mapdl.lsbv([nl, nv, sepo, keepl, keepv])

Subtracts volumes from lines.

Mapdl.lsbw([nl, sepo, keep])

Subtracts the intersection of the working plane from lines (divides

Mapdl.vadd([nv1, nv2, nv3, nv4, nv5, nv6, ...])

Adds separate volumes to create a single volume.

Mapdl.vglue([nv1, nv2, nv3, nv4, nv5, nv6, ...])

Generates new volumes by "gluing" volumes.

Mapdl.vinp([nv1, nv2, nv3, nv4, nv5, nv6, ...])

Finds the pairwise intersection of volumes.

Mapdl.vinv([nv1, nv2, nv3, nv4, nv5, nv6, ...])

Finds the intersection of volumes.

Mapdl.vovlap([nv1, nv2, nv3, nv4, nv5, nv6, ...])

Overlaps volumes.

Mapdl.vptn([nv1, nv2, nv3, nv4, nv5, nv6, ...])

Partitions volumes.

Mapdl.vsba([nv, na, sepo, keepv, keepa])

Subtracts areas from volumes.

Mapdl.vsbv([nv1, nv2, sepo, keep1, keep2])

Subtracts volumes from volumes.

Mapdl.vsbw([nv, sepo, keep])

Subtracts intersection of the working plane from volumes.