Mapdl.create(fname='', ext='', **kwargs)[source]#

Opens (creates) a macro file.



This command must be run using non_interactive


File name and directory path (248 characters maximum, including the characters needed for the directory path). An unspecified directory path defaults to the working directory; in this case, you can use all 248 characters for the file name.


Filename extension (eight-character maximum).


See the *USE command for a discussion of macros. All commands following the *CREATE command, up to the *END command, are written to the specified file without being executed. An existing file of the same name, if any, will be overwritten. Parameter values are not substituted for parameter names in the commands when the commands are written to the file. Use *CFWRITE to create a file if this is desired. The resulting macro may be executed with a *USE command (which also allows parameters to be passed into the macro) or a /INPUT command (which does not allow parameters to be passed in). Several macros may be stacked into a library file [*ULIB]. You cannot use *CREATE within a DO loop.

This command is valid in any processor.