Mapdl.spctemp(encl='', temp='', **kwargs)#

Defines a free-space ambient temperature for radiation using the

APDL Command: SPCTEMP Radiosity method.


Radiating surface enclosure number. Defaults to 1. If ENCL = STAT, the command lists all enclosure space temperatures. If ENCL = DELE, the command deletes all enclosure space temperatures.


Temperature of free-space in the reference temperature system. The temperature will be offset by the value specified in the TOFFST command for internal calculations.


For open systems, an enclosure may radiate to the free-space ambient temperature (TEMP).

Open systems may be characterized by one or more enclosures (ENCL). Each enclosure may radiate to a different free-space ambient temperature (TEMP).

For the first load step, the space temperature ramps from the uniform temperature specified by the TUNIF command to the temperature specified by the SPCTEMP command. For subsequent load steps, it ramps from the previous value of the space temperature. For intermediate load steps, use the SPCTEMP,DELETE command and specify the space temperature again to ramp from the uniform temperature.

If using SPCTEMP with the ANSYS Multi-field solver (MFS), you must capture this command in the command file using MFCMMAND. This step is necessary because at the end of each field computation, this command is unset.