Mapdl.efacet(num='', **kwargs)#

Specifies the number of facets per element edge for PowerGraphics

APDL Command: /EFACET displays.


This will not change element plotting within PyMapdl with eplot(vtk=True)


Number of facets per element edge for element plots.

1 - Use 1 facet per edge (default for h-elements).

2 - Use 2 facets per edge.

4 - Use 4 facets per edge.


/EFACET is valid only when PowerGraphics is enabled [/GRAPHICS,POWER], except that it can be used in FULL graphics mode for element CONTA174. (See the /GRAPHICS command and element CONTA174 in the Element Reference for more information.) The /EFACET command is only applicable to element type displays.

/EFACET controls the fineness of the subgrid that is used for element plots. The element is subdivided into smaller portions called facets. Facets are piecewise linear surface approximations of the actual element face. In their most general form, facets are warped planes in 3-D space. A greater number of facets will result in a smoother representation of the element surface for element plots. /EFACET may affect results averaging. See Contour Displays in the Basic Analysis Guide for more information.

For midside node elements, use NUM = 2; if NUM = 1, no midside node information is output. For non-midside node elements, NUM should be set to 1. See the PLNSOL and PRNSOL commands for more information.

With PowerGraphics active (/GRAPHICS,POWER), the averaging scheme for surface data with interior element data included (AVRES,,FULL) and multiple facets per edge (/EFACET,2 or /EFACET,4) will yield differing minimum and maximum contour values depending on the Z-Buffering options (/TYPE,,6 or /TYPE,,7). When the Section data is not included in the averaging schemes (/TYPE,,7), the resulting absolute value for the midside node is significantly smaller.

For cyclic symmetry mode-superposition harmonic solutions, only NUM = 1 is supported in postprocessing.

Caution:: : If you specify /EFACET,1, PowerGraphics does not plot midside nodes. You must use /EFACET,2 to make the nodes visible.

This command is valid in any processor.