Mapdl.lcdef(lcno='', lstep='', sbstep='', kimg='', **kwargs)[source]#

Creates a load case from a set of results on a results file.



Arbitrary pointer number (1-99) to be assigned to the load case specified by LSTEP, SBSTEP and by the FILE command. Defaults to 1 + previous value.


Load step number to be defined as the load case. Defaults to one.


Substep number. Defaults to the last substep of the load step.


Used only with results from complex analyses:

0 - Use real part of complex solution

1 - Use imaginary part.


Creates a load case by establishing a pointer to a set of results on a results file (written during the ANSYS solution phase). This pointer (LCNO) can then be used on the LCASE or LCOPER commands to read the load case data into the database.

Issue LCDEF,ERASE to delete all load case pointers (and all load case files, if any). Issue LCDEF,LCNO,ERASE to delete only the specific load case pointer LCNO (and its file, if any). With the ERASE options, all pointers are deleted; however only files with the default extension [LCWRITE] are deleted. Issue LCDEF,STAT for status of all selected load cases [LCSEL], or LCDEF,STAT,ALL for status of all load cases. The STAT command may be used to list all load cases. See also LCFILE to establish a pointer to a set of results on a load case file (written by LCWRITE). Harmonic element data read from a result file load case is stored at the zero-degree position.