Mapdl.trtime(time='', spacing='', offset='', size='', length='', **kwargs)#

Defines the options used for the PLTRAC (particle flow or charged

APDL Command: TRTIME particle trace) command.


Total Trace Time (seconds) (defaults to 0, which is the full flow trace).


Particle spacing in seconds (defaults to 0).


Particle offset in seconds (defaults to 0). It is used internally in the ANFLOW macro to produce an animation of particle flow in a flowing fluid or charged particle motion in an electric or magnetic field.


Particle size (defaults to 0, which is a line).


Particle length fraction (defaults to .1).


The TRTIME command varies the type of PLTRAC display produced. Particle flow or charged particle traces follow a particle’s path in the forward and backward direction of travel. The DOF selected determines the color of the particle trace. SPACING defines the particle spacing in seconds from adjacent particles in the stream line. OFFSET defines the offset in seconds from the spacing set by the SPACING argument.

LENGTH defines the particle length fraction. The default value (.1), means the particle occupies 10% of the flow region, and the other 90% is a color-coded line.

SIZE sets the radius of the particle. Use SPACING, OFFSET and LENGTH only when SIZE is nonzero (i.e., the particle is bigger than the line).

Distributed ANSYS Restriction: This command is not supported in Distributed ANSYS.