Mapdl.check(sele='', levl='', **kwargs)#

Checks current database items for completeness.



Specifies which elements are to be checked:

(blank) - Check all data.

ESEL - Check only elements in the selected set and unselect any elements not producing

geometry check messages. The remaining elements (those producing check messages) can then be displayed and corrected. A null set results if no elements produce a message. Issue ESEL,ALL to select all elements before proceeding.


Used only with Sele = ESEL:

WARN - Select elements producing warning and error messages.

ERR - Select only elements producing error messages (default).


This command will not work if SHPP,OFF has been set. A similar, automatic check of all data is done before the solution begins.

If the “Check Elements” option is invoked through the GUI (menu path Main Menu> Preprocessor> Meshing> Check Elems), the CHECK,ESEL logic is used to highlight elements in the following way: good elements are blue, elements having warnings are yellow, and bad (error) elements are red.

Note:: : The currently selected set of elements is not changed by this GUI function.

This command is also valid in PREP7.