Mapdl.cpmerge(lab='', **kwargs)#

Merges different couple sets with duplicate degrees of freedom into one

APDL Command: CPMERGE couple set.


Degree of freedom label for coupled nodes (in the nodal coordinate system). Valid labels are: Structural labels: UX, UY, or UZ (displacements); ROTX, ROTY, or ROTZ (rotations) (in radians). Thermal labels: TEMP, TBOT, TE2, TE3, …, TTOP (temperature). Fluid labels: PRES (pressure); VX, VY, or VZ (velocities). Electric labels: VOLT (voltage); EMF (electromotive force drop); CURR (current). Magnetic labels: MAG (scalar magnetic potential); AX, AY, or AZ (vector magnetic potentials); CURR (current). Diffusion label: CONC (concentration). Explicit analysis labels: UX, UY, or UZ (displacements). The degree of freedom set is determined from all element types defined and the DOF command, if used.