Mapdl.dof(lab1='', lab2='', lab3='', lab4='', lab5='', lab6='', lab7='', lab8='', lab9='', lab10='', **kwargs)#

Adds degrees of freedom to the current DOF set.

APDL Command: DOF

lab1, lab2, lab3, … , lab10

Valid labels are: UX, UY, UZ (structural displacements); ROTX, ROTY, ROTZ (structural rotations); TEMP, TBOT, TE2, TE3, …, TTOP (temperatures); PRES (pressure); VOLT (voltage); MAG (magnetic scalar potential); AX, AY, AZ (magnetic vector potentials); CURR (current); EMF (electromotive force drop); CONC (concentration); DELETE.


The degree of freedom (DOF) set for the model is determined from all element types defined. This command may be used to add to the current set. The ALL label may be used on some commands to represent all labels of the current degree of freedom set for the model. Issue the DOF command with no arguments to list the current set. Use the DELETE label to delete any previously added DOFs and return to the default DOF set.