Mapdl.rmmselect(nmode='', method='', dmin='', dmax='', **kwargs)[source]#

Selects modes for the ROM method.



Total number of modes to be selected


Method for mode selection. Valid methods are:

TMOD - Automated selection using a test load. TMOD must be enclosed in single quotes.


Lower bound for total deflection range.


Upper bound for total deflection range.


Select pertinent modes for use in a ROM. Pertinent mode selection may be enhanced by using the deflection state of the structure representative of the operating nature of the device (Method = TMOD). A static analysis with an applied Test Load may be used. The test load displacements must be extracted at the neutral plane of the device (if the device is stress-stiffened), or at any plane of the device (non- stress-stiffened). A node component “NEUN” must be defined for the plane of nodes, and the displacements extracted using the RMNDISP command prior to issuing this command. If Method = NMOD, use the first Nmode eigenmodes to select the pertinent modes for the ROM tool. Only those modes are selected that act in the operating direction of the structure [RMANL].

Distributed ANSYS Restriction: This command is not supported in Distributed ANSYS.

jobname.evx, jobname.evy, jobname.evz, jobname.evn, jobname.evl

Test load and element load neutral plane displacement files: jobname.tld, jobname.eld