Mapdl.rmndisp(loadt='', loc='', **kwargs)[source]#

Extracts neutral plane displacements from a test load or element load

APDL Command: RMNDISP solution for the ROM method.


Load type. Load type must be an alphanumeric string enclosed in single quotes. Valid load types are ‘TLOAD’ for the test load and ‘ELOAD’ for the element load.


Determines whether file will be overwritten or appended. Valid labels are ‘WRITE’ or ‘APPEND’. Defaults to ‘WRITE’ for test load.


This command extracts the displacements at a neutral plane of a model. If LoadT = ‘TLOAD’, extract displacements for a test load on a structure that represents the expected deflection state. A test load is used to assist in the automatic mode selection for the ROM mode characterization. If LoadT = ‘ELOAD’, extract the neutral plane displacements for an element load that will be used in the use pass of a ROM analysis. Typical element loads are gravity, and pressure loading. The element loads may be scaled [RMLVSCALE] during the use pass.

The command requires a node component named “NEUN” to be defined. These nodes represent the nodes at the neutral plane of a structure (in the case of a stress-stiffened structure), or at any plane in the structure (non stress-stiffened case).

For LoadT = ‘TLOAD’, node displacements are written to the file jobname.tld. For LoadT = ‘ELOAD’, node displacements are written to the file jobname.eld. Up to 5 element load cases may be written to the file jobname.eld.

This command is only valid in POST1.

Distributed ANSYS Restriction: This command is not supported in Distributed ANSYS.