Mapdl.rsurf(options='', delopts='', etnum='', **kwargs)[source]#

Generates the radiosity surface elements (SURF251/SURF252) and stores

APDL Command: RSURF them in the database.


Command options:

CLEAR - Deletes radiosity surface elements and nodes. The set of elements and nodes to

be deleted is defined by Delopts. ETNUM is ignored.

DEFINE - Creates the radiosity surface elements and nodes (default).

STAT - Shows the status/listing. Other command options are ignored.


Deletion options

ALL - Deletes all radiosity surface elements and nodes.

LAST - Deletes radiosity surface elements and nodes created by the last RSURF command.


Element type number. Leave blank to indicate the next available number.


This command generates the radiosity surface elements based on the RSYMM and RDEC parameters and stores them in the database. It works only on the faces of selected underlying elements that have RDSF flags on them and all corner nodes selected. You can issue multiple RSURF commands to build the radiosity model. However, all RSURF commands must be issued after issuing the RSYMM, and after the model is complete (i.e., after all meshing operations are complete).

If you do issue multiple RSURF commands for different regions, you must first mesh the different regions, and then generate the radiosity surface elements on each meshed region individually. Use RSURF,,,ETNUM to assign a separate element type number to each region. This procedure allow you to identify the individual regions later in the multi-field analysis.

If the underlying solid elements are higher order, the radiosity surface elements are always lower order (4- or 3-node in 3-D or 2-node in 2-D). Decimation will always occur before any symmetry operations.

For 2-D axisymmetric YR models, the newly-generated nodes can have only positive Y coordinates.

If you have already issued RSURF for a surface and you issue RSURF again, the program creates a new set of radiosity surface elements and nodes over the existing set, resulting in an erroneous solution.

Distributed ANSYS Restriction: This command is not supported in Distributed ANSYS.

This is an action command (that creates or deletes surface meshes) and is serial in nature. Even if Distributed ANSYS is running, the RSURF command runs serially