Mapdl.pbf(item='', key='', **kwargs)[source]#

Shows magnitude of body force loads on displays.

APDL Command: /PBF


Label identifying the item:

TEMP - Applied temperatures.

FLUE - Applied fluences.

HGEN - Applied heat generation rates.

JS - Applied current density magnitude.

JSX - X-component of current density.

JSY - Y-component of current density.

JSZ - Z-component of current density.

PHASE - Phase angle of applied load.

MVDI - Applied magnetic virtual displacements flag.

CHRGD - Applied electric charge density.

VLTG - Applied voltage drop.


Symbol key:

0 - Do not show body force load contours.

1 - Show body force load contours.

2 - Show current density as a vector (not a contour).


Shows body force loads as contours on displays for the selected elements.

The effects of the mapdl.pbf command are not cumulative (that is, the command does not modify an existing setting from a previously issued mapdl.pbf command). If you issue multiple mapdl.pbf commands during an analysis, only the setting specified by the most recent mapdl.pbf command applies.

Use mapdl.pstatus() or mapdl.pbf('STAT') to display settings. Use mapdl.pbf('DEFA') to reset all specifications back to default. See also the mapdl.psf and mapdl.pbc command for other display contours.

Portions of this command are not supported by PowerGraphics [mapdl.graphics('POWER')].

This command is valid in any processor.


Activate display of body loads of structural temperature on subsequent plots by showing body force and contours.

>>> mapdl.pbf('TEMP', 1)