Mapdl.seccontrol(val1='', val2='', val3='', val4='', val5='', val6='', val7='', val8='', val9='', val10='', val11='', val12='', val13='', **kwargs)[source]#

Supplements or overrides default section properties.


val1, val2, val3, … , val13

Values, such as the length of a side or the numbers of cells along the width, that describe the geometry of a section. See the “Notes” section of this command description for details about these values for the various section types.


The SECCONTROL command is divided into these operation types: Beams, Links, Pipes, Shells, and Reinforcings.

Values are associated with the most recently issued SECTYPE command. The data required is determined by the section type and is different for each type.

SECCONTROL overrides the program-calculated transverse-shear stiffness.

The command does not apply to thermal shell elements SHELL131 and SHELL132 or thermal solid elements SOLID278 and SOLID279.