Mapdl.secdata(val1='', val2='', val3='', val4='', val5='', val6='', val7='', val8='', val9='', val10='', val11='', val12='', **kwargs)[source]#

Describes the geometry of a section.


val1, val2, val3, … , val12

Values, such as thickness or the length of a side or the numbers of cells along the width, that describe the geometry of a section. The terms VAL1, VAL2, etc. are specialized for each type of cross- section.


The SECDATA command defines the data describing the geometry of a section. The command is divided into these section types: Beams, Links, Pipes, Axisymmetric, Taper, Shells, Pretension, Joints, Reinforcing, and Contact.

The data input on the SECDATA command is interpreted based on the most recently issued SECTYPE command. The data required is determined by the section type and subtype, and is different for each one.

Beam sections are referenced by BEAM188 and BEAM189 elements. Not all SECOFFSET location values are valid for each subtype.

Type: BEAM, Subtype: RECT

Type: BEAM, Subtype: QUAD

Degeneration to triangle is permitted by specifying the same coordinates for cells along an edge.

Type: BEAM, Subtype: CSOLID

Type: BEAM, Subtype: CTUBE

This subtype is similar to type PIPE. However, elements using PIPE account for internal or external pressures, whereas elements using CTUBE do not.

Type: BEAM, Subtype: CHAN

Type: BEAM, Subtype: I

Type: BEAM, Subtype: Z

Type: BEAM, Subtype: L

If W2 is a negative value, the section will be flipped.

Type: BEAM, Subtype: T

If W2 is a negative value, the section will be flipped.

Type: BEAM, Subtype: HATS