Mapdl.campbell(action='', **kwargs)#

Prepares the result file for a subsequent Campbell diagram of a

APDL Command: CAMPBELL prestressed structure.


Campbell action:

NONE - Do not prepare the result file. This option is the default behavior.

RSTP - Prepare the result file (Jobname.RSTP) for a subsequent Campbell diagram of a

prestressed structure.


For an analysis involving a prestressed structure, the CAMPBELL command specifies whether or not to prepare the result file to support a Campbell diagram analysis (PRCAMP or PLCAMP).

To prestress a structure, the program performs a static solution before the linear perturbation modal solution.

The CAMPBELL command requires that modal and static analyses be performed alternately. It works only when the number of static analyses is the same as the number of modal analyses. Any number of analyses can be performed, but the same number of each (static and modal) is expected. The modal solutions are appended in the results file (Jobname.RSTP).

For an example of PLCAMP command usage, see Example Campbell Diagram Analysis in the Advanced Analysis Guide.