Mapdl.expsol(lstep='', sbstep='', timfrq='', elcalc='', **kwargs)[source]#

Specifies the solution to be expanded for mode-superposition analyses

APDL Command: EXPSOL or substructure analyses.

lstep, sbstep

Expand the solution identified as load step LSTEP and substep SBSTEP.


As an alternative to LSTEP and SBSTEP, expand the solution at, or nearest to, the time value TIMFRQ (for ANTYPE,TRANS or ANTYPE,SUBSTR) or frequency value TIMFRQ (for ANTYPE,HARMIC). LSTEP and SBSTEP should be blank.


Element calculation key:

YES - Calculate element results, nodal loads, and reaction loads.

NO - Do not calculate these items.


Specifies the solution to be expanded from analyses that use the mode- superposition method (ANTYPE,HARMIC or TRANS) or substructuring (ANTYPE,SUBSTR). Use the NUMEXP command to expand a group of solutions.

The resulting results file will maintain the same load step, substep, and time (or frequency) values as the requested solution to be expanded.

This command is also valid in PREP7.