Mapdl.pfact(tblno='', excit='', parcor='', **kwargs)#

Calculates participation factors for the PSD or multi-point response

APDL Command: PFACT spectrum table.


Input PSD (Power Spectral Density) table number for which participation factors are to be calculated.


Label defining the location of excitation:

BASE - Base excitation (default).

NODE - Nodal excitation.


Label defining excitation type (applies only to SPOPT,PSD analysis). Used only when partially correlated excitation is due to wave propagation or spatial correlation. Defaults to partially correlated excitation as defined by COVAL and QDVAL commands.

WAVE - Excitation defined by PSDWAV command.

SPAT - Excitation defined by PSDSPL command.


Calculates the participation factors for a particular PSD or multi- point response spectrum table defined with the PSDVAL or SPVAL command. The Jobname.DB file must contain modal solution data in order for this command to calculate the participation factor. There must be a PFACT command for each excitation spectrum. You are limited to 300 excitations.

This command is also valid in PREP7.