Mapdl.spopt(sptype='', nmode='', elcalc='', modereusekey='', **kwargs)[source]#

Selects the spectrum type and other spectrum options.



Spectrum type:

SPRS - Single point excitation response spectrum (default). See also the SVTYP


MPRS - Multiple point excitation response spectrum.

DDAM - Dynamic design analysis method.

PSD - Power spectral density.


Use the first NMODE modes from the modal analysis. Defaults to all extracted modes, as specified by the MODOPT and BUCOPT commands. NMODE cannot be larger than 10000.


Element results calculation key (for Sptype = PSD only):

NO - Do not calculate element results and reaction forces (default).

YES - Calculate element results and reaction forces, as well as the nodal degree of

freedom solution.


Key for existing MODE file reuse when running multiple spectrum analyses:

NO - No spectrum analysis has been performed yet (default).

YES - This is not the first spectrum analysis. The MODE file will be reused and the

necessary files will be cleaned up for the new spectrum analysis.


Valid only for a spectrum analysis (ANTYPE,SPECTR). This operation must be preceded by a modal solution (ANTYPE,MODAL) with the appropriate files available. Both the spectrum analysis and the preceding modal analysis must be performed under the same ANSYS version number.

If used in SOLUTION, this command is valid only within the first load step.

This command is also valid in PREP7.

Only Sptype = SPRS is allowed in ANSYS Professional.