Mapdl.dofsel(type_='', dof1='', dof2='', dof3='', dof4='', dof5='', dof6='', **kwargs)[source]#

Selects a DOF label set for reference by other commands.



Label identifying the type of select:

S - Select a new set of labels.

A - Add labels to the current set.

U - Unselect (remove) labels from the current set.

ALL - Restore the full set of labels.

STAT - Display the current select status.

dof1, dof2, dof3, … , dof6

Used only with Type = S, A, or U. Valid structural labels: UX, UY, or UZ (displacements); U (UX, UY, and UZ); ROTX, ROTY, or ROTZ (rotations); ROT (ROTX, ROTY, and ROTZ); DISP (U and ROT); HDSP (Hydrostatic pressure). Valid thermal labels: TEMP, TBOT, TE2, TE3, …, TTOP (temperature). Valid acoustic labels: PRES (pressure); UX, UY, or UZ (displacements for FSI coupled elements). Valid electric labels: VOLT (voltage); EMF (electromotive force drop); CURR (current). Valid magnetic labels: MAG (scalar magnetic potential); AX, AY or AZ (vector magnetic potentials); A (AX, AY and AZ); CURR (current). Valid structural force labels: FX, FY, or FZ (forces); F (FX, FY, and FZ); MX, MY, or MZ (moments); M (MX, MY, and MZ); FORC (F and M); DVOL (fluid mass flow rate). Valid thermal force labels: HEAT, HBOT, HE2, HE3, . . ., HTOP (heat flow). Valid fluid flow force labels: FLOW (fluid flow). Valid electric force labels: AMPS (current flow); CHRG (electric charge). Valid magnetic force labels: FLUX (scalar magnetic flux); CSGX, CSGY, or CSGZ (magnetic current segments); CSG (CSGX, CSGY, and CSGZ). Valid diffusion labels: CONC (concentration); RATE (diffusion flow rate).


Selects a degree of freedom label set for reference by other commands. The label set is used on certain commands where ALL is either input in the degree of freedom label field or implied. The active label set has no effect on the solution degrees of freedom. Specified labels which are not active in the model (from the ET or DOF command) are ignored. As a convenience, a set of force labels corresponding to the degree of freedom labels is also selected. For example, selecting UX also causes FX to be selected (and vice versa). The force label set is used on certain commands where ALL is input in the force label field.

This command is valid in any processor.