Mapdl.nsle(type_='', nodetype='', num='', **kwargs)#

Selects those nodes attached to the selected elements.

APDL Command: NSLE


Label identifying the type of node select:

S - Select a new set (default).

R - Reselect a set from the current set.

A - Additionally select a set and extend the current set.

U - Unselect a set from the current set.


Label identifying type of nodes to consider when selecting:

ALL - Select all nodes of the selected elements (default).

ACTIVE - Select only the active nodes. An active node is a node that contributes DOFs to

the model.

INACTIVE - Select only inactive nodes (such as orientation or radiation).

CORNER - Select only corner nodes.

MID - Select only midside nodes.

POS - Select nodes in position Num.

FACE - Select nodes on face Num.


Position or face number for NodeType = POS or FACE.


NSLE selects NodeType nodes attached to the currently-selected set of elements. Only nodes on elements in the currently-selected element set can be selected.


When using degenerate hexahedral elements, NSLE, U,CORNER and NSLE,S,MID will not select the same set of nodes because some nodes appear as both corner and midside nodes.

This command is valid in any processor.


Select elements assigned to material property 2 and then select the nodes these elements use.

>>> mapdl.esel('S', 'MAT', '', 2)
>>> mapdl.nsle()