Mapdl.solu(nvar='', item='', comp='', name='', **kwargs)#

Specifies solution summary data per substep to be stored.

APDL Command: SOLU


Arbitrary reference number assigned to this variable (2 to NV [NUMVAR]).


Label identifying the item. Valid item labels are shown in the table below. Some items may also require a component label.


Component of the item (if required). Valid component labels are shown in the table below. None are currently required.


Thirty-two character name identifying the item on printouts and displays. Defaults to an eight character label formed by concatenating the first four characters of the Item and Comp labels.


See also the PRITER command of POST1 to display some of these items directly. Valid for a static or full transient analysis. All other analyses have zeros for the data. Valid item and component labels for solution summary values are: