Mapdl.kesize(npt='', size='', fact1='', fact2='', **kwargs)[source]#

Specifies the edge lengths of the elements nearest a keypoint.



Number of the keypoint whose lines will be adjusted. If ALL, use all selected keypoints [KSEL]. If NPT = P, graphical picking is enabled and all remaining command fields are ignored (valid only in the GUI).


Size of elements along lines nearest keypoint NPT (overrides any other specified size). If SIZE is zero (or blank), use FACT1 or FACT2.


Scale factor applied to a previously defined SIZE. Not used if SIZE is input.


Scale factor applied to the minimum element division at keypoint NPT for any attached line. This feature is useful with adaptive mesh refinement. Not used if SIZE or FACT1 is input.


Affects only the line divisions adjacent to the keypoint on lines not previously assigned divisions by other line commands [LESIZE, etc.]. The remaining line divisions are determined from the division nearest the keypoint at the other end of the line (specified by another KESIZE command or the ESIZE command). Divisions are transferred to the lines during the mesh operation. If smart element sizing is being used [SMRTSIZE], KESIZE specifications may be overridden (i.e., a smaller element size may be used) to accommodate curvature and small features.

This command is valid in any processor. The command is also valid for rezoning.