Mapdl.vatt(mat='', real='', type_='', esys='', secnum='', **kwargs)[source]#

Associates element attributes with the selected, unmeshed volumes.

APDL Command: VATT

mat, real, type_, esys, secnum

Material number, real constant set number, type number, coordinate system number, and section number to be associated with selected, unmeshed volumes.


These element attributes will be used when the volumes are meshed. If a volume does not have attributes associated with it (by this command) at the time it is meshed, the attributes are obtained from the then current MAT, REAL, TYPE, ESYS, and SECNUM command settings. Reissue the VATT command (before volumes are meshed) to change the attributes. A zero (or blank) argument removes the corresponding association.

If any of the arguments MAT, REAL, TYPE, ESYS or SECNUM are defined as -1, then that value will be left unchanged in the selected set.

In some cases, ANSYS can proceed with a volume meshing operation even when no logical element type has been assigned via VATT,,,TYPE or TYPE. For more information, see the discussion on setting element attributes in Meshing Your Solid Model of the Modeling and Meshing Guide.