Mapdl.tbdata(stloc='', c1='', c2='', c3='', c4='', c5='', c6='', **kwargs)[source]#


Defines data for the material data table.


Starting location in table for entering data. For example, if STLOC = 1, data input in the C1 field applies to the first table constant, C2 applies to the second table constant, etc. If STLOC = 5, data input in the C1 field applies to the fifth table constant, etc. Defaults to the last location filled + 1. The last location is reset to 1 with each TB or TBTEMP command.

c1, c2, c3, … , c6

Data values assigned to six locations starting with STLOC. If a value is already in this location, it is redefined. A blank value leaves the existing value unchanged.


Extra arguments to be passed to Mapdl.run.


Defines data for the table specified on the last TB command at the temperature specified on the last TBTEMP command (if applicable). The type of data table specified in the last TB command determines the number of data values needed in TBDATA. Data values are linearly interpolated for temperatures that fall between user defined TBTEMP values. See Material Models in the Material Reference for the number of data values required for different material behavior options.

This command is also valid in SOLUTION.