Mapdl.gcmd(wn='', lab1='', lab2='', lab3='', lab4='', lab5='', lab6='', lab7='', lab8='', lab9='', lab10='', lab11='', lab12='', **kwargs)[source]#

Controls the type of element or graph display used for the GPLOT

APDL Command: /GCMD command.


Window number (or ALL) to which this command applies (defaults to 1)

lab1, lab2, lab3, … , lab12

Command labels (for example, PLNSOL,S,X)


This command controls the type of element or graph display that appears when you issue the GPLOT command when the /GTYPE,,(ELEM or GRPH) entity type is active. If you have multiple plotting windows enabled, you can also use /GCMD to select one window when you wish to edit its contents.

For related information, see the descriptions of the GPLOT and /GTYPE commands in this manual.

This command is valid in any processor.