Mapdl.pngr(kywrd='', opt='', val='', **kwargs)[source]#

Provides PNG file export for ANSYS displays.

APDL Command: PNGR


Specifies various PNG file export options.

COMP - If Kywrd = COMP, then OPT is either ON or OFF (blank is interpreted as OFF).

This option allows you to turn PNG file compression ON or OFF. If OPT = ON, then The VAL field is read to determine the degree of compression. See the VALUE argument for acceptable compression values.

ORIENT - If Kywrd = ORIENT, then OPT will determine the orientation of the entire plot.

OPT can be either Horizontal (default) or Vertical.

COLOR - If Kywrd = COLOR, then OPT will determine the color depth of the saved file.

OPT can be 0, 1, or 2, corresponding to Black and White, Grayscale, and Color (default), respectively.

TMOD - If Kywrd = TMOD, then OPT will determine the text method. OPT can be either 1

or 0, corresponding to bitmap text (default) or line stroke text, respectively.

DEFAULT - If Kywrd = DEFAULT, then all of the default values, for all of the Kywrd

parameters listed above, are active.

STAT - Shows the current status of PNG file export.


OPT can have the following names or values, depending on the value for Kywrd (see above).

ON, OFF - If Kywrd = COMP, the values On and Off control the use of compression. The

degree of compression is determined by VAL

Horizontal, Vertical - If Kywrd = ORIENT, the terms Horizontal or Vertical determine the orientation

of the plot.

0, 1, 2 - If Kywrd = COLOR, the numbers 0, 1, and 2 correspond to Black and White,

Grayscale and Color, respectively.

1, 0 - If Kywrd = TMOD, the values 1 and 0 determine whether bitmap (1) or stroke text
  1. fonts will be used


VAL is active only when Kywrd = COMP, and determines the degree of compression applied to the exported file (see above).

1 - Apply the default, optimum value for compression. This value represents the

best combination of speed and compression. It varies according to the release level of the ZLIB compression package.

1-9 - Use this value to specify a specific compression level. 1 is the lowest

compression level (fastest) and 9 is the highest compression level (slowest).