Mapdl.einfin(compname='', pnode='', **kwargs)[source]#

Generates structural infinite elements from selected nodes.



Component name containing one node to be used as the pole node for generating INFIN257 structural infinite elements. The pole node is generally located at or near the geometric center of the finite element domain.


Node number for the direct input of the pole node. A parameter or parametric expression is also valid. Specify this value when no CompName has been specified. If CompName is specified, this value is ignored.

Return type:



The EINFIN command generates structural infinite elements (INFIN257) directly from the selected face of valid base elements (existing standard elements in your model). The command scans all base elements for the selected nodes and generates a compatible infinite element type for each base element. A combination of different base element types is allowed if the types are all compatible with the infinite elements.

The infinite element type requires no predefinition (ET).

The faces of base elements are determined from the selected node set (NSEL), and the geometry of the infinite element is determined based on the shape of the face. Element characteristics and options are determined according to the base element. For the face to be used, all nodes on the face of a base element must be selected

Use base elements to model the near-field domain that interacts with the solid structures or applied loads. To apply the truncated far-field effect, a single layer of infinite elements must be attached to the near-field domain. The outer surface of the near-field domain must be convex.

After the EINFIN command executes, you can verify the newly created infinite element types and elements (ETLIST, ELIST, EPLOT).

Infinite elements do not account for any subsequent modifications made to the base elements. It is good practice to issue the EINFIN command only after the base elements are finalized. If you delete or modify base elements, remove all affected infinite elements and reissue the EINFIN command; doing so prevents inconsistencies.